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WrightHaven Homes is a premier custom home builder in Fergus, Elora and Ayr, with a reputation built on exceptional craftsmanship and innovative, functional home designs. 

We take pride in creating homes that satisfy homeowners now, and for generations to come. Our experienced professionals are here to help make your dream home a reality. 


Wrighthaven Homes was the winner 2011 & 2012 and finalist 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2020 for Tarion Home Builder of the Year for Medium Volume Building in Ontario, as voted on by every new home buyer in Ontario.


WrightHaven Homes is a licensed and registered ENERGY STAR® rated builder so you have the option of having your home built to the very highest standards for energy efficiency. As well, every home we build can achieve the highest energy efficiency rating possible (83 and higher) under the Ener-Guide for New Homes criteria or as an R2000 rated home. All of our new homebuyers may opt to have their homes tested under these programs.


At WrightHaven Homes you will be dealing with expert professionals and dedicated employees at every level, from the president to the clean-up crew. We custom build approximately 35 homes each year, in the most desirable locations within Fergus, Elora and the surrounding areas.


Great teamwork is essential to making your dream of a new home come true. Everyone at WrightHaven Homes understands the important decisions you are making which, will determine the enjoyment of your new home. Our team is committed to offering you the most complete information and our best advice, working on your behalf.


Net Zero Qualified Builder


If you would like to own a Net Zero home, have a look at the Elora Site, where all our homes are built Net Zero Ready.


A Net Zero Energy Home (NZEH) is a home that is designed, modeled and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

First and foremost the NZEH is an energy saving home constructed so well that you will experience comfort like no other home you have ever enjoyed. Super well insulated draft eliminating, air tight wall assembles and a whole home air comfort system makes NZEH really special. You will notice and feel the difference!

Wrighthaven Homes Limited has been on the forefront of Net Zero housing since 2014 whereby we built our first Net Zero home under an experimental program commissioned by Natural Resources Canada. Wrighthaven Homes was privileged to be one of only 7 builders all across Canada awarded the opportunity to initiate the early concept of a NZEH. Wrighthaven Homes project home was successfully completed and located on First Line Road in Elora, Ont. This home boasted some very early technology and was created to be the prototype of future systems of the Net Zero home standard. At the time due to limitations to the Hydro Grid system the home was constructed to the "pure" Net Zero Energy definition and operated independently of the grid. It featured early battery storage technology allowing the storage of energy and at times operates independently using battery power to operate all functions of the home. The home was still connected to the hydro grid but only "borrowed" power when needed. It featured a rain water collection system used for outside watering and flushing of toilets. This home is an environmental steward and easily meets all carbon based fuel reduction requirements and contributes to Canada's carbon footprint reduction and can be considered one of the "truest and pure" examples of Net Zero energy homes.

Soon after the completion of the Net Zero Home, Steven Wright President of Wrighthaven Homes, was asked by the Canadian Homebuilders Association to be one of the original and founding executive committee members of a newly formed Net Zero Committee. Whereby, its mandate was the development and creation of the Net Zero Home labeling program. Working alongside the CHBA and 9 other homebuilder association members from all across Canada, the development of the home label program was conceived. The initial program was unveiled all across Canada in 2016 and is one of the premier home labeling programs for consumers to enjoy and benefit from. Taking into consideration the entire embodied energy requirements for the homes consumption combining with some of the most stringent energy efficiency conservation building techniques the homes modeled energy performance both on an production and consumption basis are equated. Total energy demands on an annual basis can be offset by the homes photovoltaic production.

Since the program's inception, Wrighthaven Homes has constructed several Net Zero Energy labeled homes for environmentally conscientious customers. The homes details have been transforming as technologies adapt and Wrighthaven Homes is adopting the Net Zero Ready specification into its standard build practices. A Net Zero Ready Home is a home constructed with all the energy conservation techniques and building practices of the homes structure less the installation of a Photovoltaic package. The principle being, those consumers can add a solar system package at anytime in the future when budgets permit. Peruse these pictures to see some of the completed homes and visual details of these truly unique homes.

Wrighthaven Homes is so confident in the Net Zero product that they have recently committed to building an entire Community called Granwood Gate in Elora to the Net Zero Ready home label building standard. This exceptional community will be the first Net Zero Ready home community in Centre Wellington. Sales have already started to an overwhelming success and clients have quickly bought into the subdivision and are excited about their Net Zero Ready Home to be built. With many of those clients opting for the Photovoltaic Package achieving the Net Zero label. Photovoltaic packages can be purchased or financed at anytime allowing clients to earn energy credits towards their homes electrical operating demands. The future of Net Zero home construction is here and ready for you to enjoy.

If you're looking for solutions to home comfort, healthy air, energy efficiency, energy independence and a home that exudes elegance and luxury in every way please visit you won't be disappointed.


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