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[Aquaculture] Heater

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$24.00 CAD
  • Water shortage protection - Built with overheat and water shortage protection. The heater power will cut off when washing tank, changing water and maintaining aquarium, otherwise heating cannot be processed. CF certification
  • Installation - 300W submersible heater is suitable for 35 to 80 gallons aquariums; Vertical or horizontal installation and ensure the device is fully submerged underwater. With these 3 suction cups, the heater will stick tightly to the surface of tank
  • Temperature Scale - Compact underwater analog tank heater can be adjusted between 68°F~94°F (20°C~34.5°C). 500 watt fish tank heater holds your 50-90 gallon tank at a constant temperature and recovers quickly after a water change. Note: Due to some unpredictable external factors, it's normal that the temperature difference is ±5°F
  • Application - This underwater aquarium heater is great for both Fresh Water and salt Water aquariums. Suitable for fish, turtle, and plants.