The meaning behind Cashmear's logo


During the completion of Adam (Cashmear's) engineering degree, he began his venture of becoming a business through the design and manufacturing of high-end, luxury watches.  Using his passion for design he began innovating the current timepiece devices on the market, where Adam was able to identify the intricate components of the mechanical novelty and started to create his own vision for the future of watch manufacturing. Through this experience, Cashmear's brand logo came to fruition.  


The idea behind the inverted crescent-moon shape, came from the concept of the winding mechanism inside an automatic watch movement. 

To generate power for the watch, an oscillating weight/rotor mechanism is used - commonly known as a ‘rotor’. This part was designed as a weight, (typically crescent shaped) that sits at the base of the movement and moves freely as the watch is rotated on the wearer’s wrist. The movement of the rotor rotates the central staff, which is attached to the winding mechanism; automatically self-winding the watch, without the need for the user to rotate the crown. 

Using sophisticated education dealing with physics of all types, Adam identified this component as being the backbone of the watch - leading to his design of the crescent moon sitting at the highest point of potential energy - the top of the watch.  With this in mind, and yearning to find a logo with meaning behind it, this is where Adam decided upon his official logo design.  The iconic inverted crescent moon design embodies Adam's passion for knowledge, design, and motivation of having the highest potential in every challenge he faces.

It was during this time that Cashmear's label introduced its distinctive “Double-C” monogram, as well as the now iconic Cashmear stripe, consisting of two solid stripes interrupted by a single red bar.