About Cashmear.™

From an early age, Adam (cashmear) has always been fascinated with creation and design in all forms. Whether it was developing marketing strategies, designing artwork, or defining the concept of modern beauty, this passion has always been at the heart of everything Adam does.

Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario (Civil/Structural Engineering), his application of knowledge, and passion for design can be seen through intricate details found throughout his work. Adam’s designs emanate with the youthful movement of transcendent elegance and class, while still maintaining an aesthetic that embodies the intertwining of modern design with a vibrant, sophisticated edge.

With an Italian heritage and background, Adam inspires to be unique and to explore the endless ways styles can be pursued. His designs embody the characteristics of the modern time, which values timeless fashion and versatility while maintaining the confidence to incorporate contrast and unexpected details. 

Each piece is made to order with meticulous attention to detail and hand crafted.  Cashmear keeps quality and customer satisfaction at the top of their priority.


Learn more about the history of Cashmear, and how the brand was created here.