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A lot development plan (LDP) is a sketch depicting the proposed building for a particular lot. It is prepared by a certified surveyor and or engineer for the purposes of building permit application. A lot development plan shows: Lot boundaries Lot dimensions Proposed building location/dimensions Proposed driveway location and size Proposed tree Location and nature of easements affecting the lot Lot grading Approximate location of swales Additional lot information specific to your lot (ex. ‘no cut zones’) A copy of your LDP can be made available after final grading completion and certification. Major landscaping projects like pools, retaining walls, decks, sheds and other scenarios that involve building permit applications. This document is not a formal survey and cannot be used for legal purposes. ON closing you will be provided a legal survey that can be used to verify property boundaries. If building fencing it is always prudent to employ professional surveyor services to verify actual property bars.
WrightHaven Homes supports local tree planting initiatives both in its role as a developer and as a builder and plants a ‘street tree’ on each lot. Tree species are determined by the Municipality at the time of Subdivision approval and are matched to the specific site conditions to ensure success of the tree. They are an important landscape feature of the neighbourhood and the City as a whole; homeowner support is imperative to the success of the tree. Homeowners are required to water and care for trees planted in the boulevard of their lot. Care instructions will be distributed to homeowners prior to the installation of the trees and can be found in the warranty manual provided on every closing. A “no cut zone” is an area that the developer/Municipality/Conservation Authority wishes to keep natural. Permission should be obtained from the above if wishing to remove trees or any street/boulevard vegetation.
The purpose of the easement is to protect buried infrastructure which has been installed on a portion of your property (i.e. Storm Sewer). This easement gives legal access to Municipal officials to enter onto the land for the purposes of inspection/maintenance. Sheds, pools, decks, fencing or any means of blocking or altering the easement may not be permitted. Further information may be obtained by calling the Building Department or Public Works Authorities.
A swale is a defined depression in the grading of the property designed to manage water runoff, filter pollutants and increase rainwater infiltration. The swale is designed to capture water and if necessary, direct it toward a point of outlet – generally a catch basin. Blocking or altering a swale in any way is not permitted. Every lot has a swale located somewhere on the property. The severity and location of the swale will depend on the lot grading requirements in accordance to the overall site grading plan for the subdivision.
A final grading certificate (FGC) is issued following completion of final grading and sodding. Revisions are made to the LDP following site inspection and surveying by a qualified individual; final review is completed by a certified engineer. The resulting sketch shows the same information as the LDP with the addition of the ‘as constructed grades’ measured during the site inspection. FGC are submitted to the Municipality for review to ensure general conformance with the subdivision grading plan. If you would like a copy of the Final Grading Certificate for your lot, please contact the Building Department at the Municipality. This process can take up to 2 years to be officially accepted and confirmed as it entails many details pertaining to the property including municipal boulevards. Please do not alter the grades established for your lot until all certifications are in place.
A Building Lot and Location Survey (also known as the Real Property Survey or BLS) shows the as-built location of the structures constructed. It is prepared by a Surveyor following foundation completion. Your BLS should be referenced when determining the location of exterior structures such as fences. An official copy of the real property survey is included in your closing documents. This document cannot be photocopied or reproduced and can only be issued by the Professional Land Surveyor. Charges for reproduction of this document will be incurred if you're in need of a new copy. Do not call for a reproduction by the builder for this official survey document; it is not permitted.
Survey markings may no longer be visible after the lot is graded and landscaped. Please do not use wooden stakes as evidence of lot lines. Building lot and location survey (mentioned above) may be helpful; alternatively, a surveyor can accurately mark out your lot lines.